4 Little-Known Effects of Alcohol on Your Body

While you may not feel the immediate effects after drinking a few sips of whiskey, the alcohol will eventually affect everything in your body the moment this substance gets into your bloodstream. Excessive alcohol consumption or even just on specific occasions will lead to a major effect on your overall health. Some of the effects of alcohol on your body are pretty well known, but there are more effects that might surprise you. Here are the lesser-known facts regarding how alcohol affects your body.

Effects of Alcohol on Your Body

4 Lesser-Known Effects of Alcohol on Your Body

1. Drinking alcohol makes you feel swollen and bloated

Have you ever felt bloated and puffed up after drinking? Maybe you find bags under your eyes or feel as though your belt makes you unable to breathe. The level of sodium in the body will rise dramatically when you have drinks.

The effect will be even worse if you take high-sodium beverages, like cocktails. Alcohol will also affect the urine regulation hormone. You tend to go to the restroom more, and you will easily be dehydrated when drinking alcohol. A bigger stomach and swollen ankles are short-term effects of alcohol you may not aware of.

2. Drinking too much leads to panic attacks

Panic attacks are one of the other less-known effects of alcohol on your body that will even get severe if you have an anxiety disorder. When alcohol leaves the bloodstream, the sugar rush goes down, resulting in a rapid drop in blood sugar.

Every system of the body works overtime to dissolve alcohol in the bloodstream, which ignited your entire system. This inflammation may cause mood swings and chemical flare-ups which will ultimately affect the nervous system.

3. Alcohol makes you paranoid

A lot of people may believe there are a number of different kinds of drunks, from happy drunk to violent drunk. However, everyone who drinks too much will suffer one similar thing: they will start to think as though what others do is more intended. Your self-consciousness may be decreased, yet you are also incapable of considering all the potential motives behind the actions of people around you.


You would typically believe that someone has intentionally done something disrespectful to you when you are unable of drawing up any possibilities. This can result in many misunderstandings or even significant relationship problems, as you can understand. The researchers believe alcohol can play a significant role in any social problem.

4. Alcoholism leads to wet brain syndrome

Wet brain or also known as Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome is a mild form of brain injury. This brain damage will occur when the body does not have enough vitamin B1. Your body is incapable of absorbing vitamin B1 when drinking too much. As the result, the white matter of the brain is diminished, and the blood glucose levels surge. These will make you feel like you are not completely sane. You will potentially suffer memory loss and hallucinations. 

Alcohol is a substance that will affect individuals differently. Knowing all the well-known effects of alcohol on your body, including those you have never heard of, can help to make a wise decision regarding your drinking behavior.

4 Little-Known Effects of Alcohol on Your Body