How to Planning Alcohol-Free Future

Enjoying Alcohol Free Life

So you have made a commitment to stop drinking. You made it to yourself and to those you care about. Do you feel how big of an accomplishment that is? You should be very proud of yourself.

You are listening to your inner voice. Hopefully, as you continue through your recovery process you hear only the positive voice in your head. You may still be using your affirmations. I hope so. You may need less of them as time goes by. Or you may find them so useful you have added more. It doesn't matter. Remember that this is your recovery and you make it what works best for you.

You have also taken a look at your past for lessons learned. You are filling up your presence with healthy activities and relationships. And you are planning your alcohol-free future.

Goal Review

What you will find yourself doing as you move through your alcohol-free life is reviewing your progress. You need to take a look at your overall goal of not drinking and your continuing goals that you have set for your future. Celebrate your achievements. If you have stumbled along the way, take heart. Everyone said this process was going too hard. Pick yourself up, reach out for support, and begin again. Your life is a work in progress. Change is not easy. Keep your eye on your main goal and work on not drinking every day. Some days will be easier than others. Some will be a struggle. As long as you are working and staying away from alcohol you are doing great.


As you rebuild your alcohol-free life you may have to restructure it a little. We touched on this a little at the beginning of this quitting drinking discussion. You have to make some changes to avoid setting off triggers that you have identified for yourself. This can be hard. You may have a favorite restaurant that you will have to avoid. You may have to stay away from the ballpark and cheer for your favorite team from afar until you can handle going back and passing the beer vendor up.

Even harder than those things may be declining events with friends. You will have to say no to parties or holiday gatherings until you know you can attend without drinking. The key is being honest with the hosts. They either will understand you missing the event or they may help you attend by making alcohol less of a focal point. Remember to be upfront about your alcohol-free life.

Even harder still will be leaving some people out of your new life completely. During your alcohol time, people may have thought you selfish for putting alcohol first. Right now you need to be selfish by putting yourself and your alcohol-free life first. If you can't be around certain people without drinking, then you just can't be around them. As you grow stronger in your recovery, you may be able to spend time with them again and maybe even help them be alcohol-free if they are ready. You will have to make tough choices in the beginning, but they will be worth it in the end.

How to Planning Alcohol-Free Future