Speed of Implementation to Quit Drinking Alcohol

Speed of Implementation to Quit Drinking Alcohol

Let's get down to business. Why do people drink alcohol? There are many reasons both socially, culturally and also for self-medication reasons. People that have difficultly do not have the problem because of social or cultural reasons. Now they may have started that way, and they may use it as an excuse or even as a mask, but it is for the last reason that people have difficulty with drinking alcohol.

You may have started drinking because it was part of a holiday or family celebration. You have tried a beer or some horrid wine as a teenager to fit in with your pals. The truth is many people start drinking alcohol for these reasons, but it never takes over their life. They can have an occasional drink and have no difficulty. Then, there are those who think that alcohol not only enhances a social or family situation, but it helps them deal with other problems in their life by relaxing them and in the extreme they forget about what is troubling them. They seek emotional help from inside a bottle.

The first thing you need to do is to accept that you can quit, today, right now. You can decide right now that you are going to be sober and immediately you are on the road to recovery. Alcohol is not like cigarettes because it can be dangerous to quit cold turkey. You should always seek help from a medical professional, because detoxifying too quickly can be fatal. In the beginning, you must decide you will and can quit. It is in your power to do. Keep with me as I lead you down the path of sobriety.

From inspiration to implementation, people who take action now succeed much more than people who postpone taking action. So don't just think about it, DO IT. If you wait, then you will slip back into excuses that have kept you drinking all this time. Drinking is a mental process, and you have to reprogram those thoughts and habits in order to truly overcome their drinking problem.

Let's give you some hints to quit, so that you can begin a process. Get out a notepad and start to down all the reasons you are still drinking. What is going on in your life that is supporting your drinking habit? It is time to be honest here. I won't be reading it, nor does anyone else get to see it. You just must be honest with yourself. Look at the list. Read it. Are those reasons even valid? Are you not just deluding yourself?

Now, turn over a new leaf on your pad. Write down all the positive or inspirational reasons you want to quit. Take your time. This can be an emotional process, so don't be surprised about feelings coming up. As you are writing your list of positives know that you will overcome this habitual drinking. You'll make all these reasons come true. You have the power to change.

Keep this list close to you and add to it from time to time. This is your inspiration with the motivating factors that will push you forward in the times of temptation. Keep your list with you at all times. Make a laminated copy of it and keep it with you.

There were reasons you started drinking. Write them down. You may notice they are different then the reasons you kept drinking, but either way begin to look and confront these reasons. Was it because you wanted to fit in with peers? Was it because your parents were cruel? Was it because you were failing in school? Did you lose that good job and never seemed to bounce back? There are infinite reasons, but none of them are good enough for you to continue to drink. Begin learning other ways to deal with these issues.

You have begun a journal which you need to keep going. Write down your daily successes and your slight bumps in your road. Create a testament of your journey from alcoholic to recovering alcoholic. Read it to help keep yourself motivated in times you might want a drink. You can see how far you have come and it will motivate you to make it to the finish line.

As a mentioned earlier that once you are sober, that is not the end. If you ever drink even one drink you will backsliding. Keep your journal close to help keep you on your path. Make the commitment and start right now. Remember the speed of implementation is essential. The longer you wait, the less likely it is you will commit to change. Commit to change now and start taking those steps to change your life.

Speed of Implementation to Quit Drinking Alcohol