3 Strong Reasons Quit Drinking Alcohol

There are plenty of possible reasons why people might want to cut out alcohol from their life. Well, it doesn’t always necessarily mean they have drinking problems or alcohol. Sometimes, the decision is made based on lifestyle choice, and the realization that the benefits of alcohol don’t worth the downside it has. If you desire to give up on it but haven’t found strong reasons to quit drinking alcohol, you may want to read the following list below.

Reasons Quit Drinking Alcohol

Helpful Reasons Quit Drinking Alcohol to Consider

1. Physical health reasons


A small to moderate amount of alcohol consumption may have one or two benefits, but with an excessive amount, there’s a high risk of physical damage. It makes health risk the first in the list of reasons to quit drinking alcohol.

It has been known that alcohol is one of the leading causes of coronary heart disease. Alcohol abuse is also infamous to be associated with liver problems, as nearly 9 out of 10 alcohol addicts develop hepatic steatosis or fatty liver disease, then later turns into an alcoholic liver disease on the next stage. Over the top drinking raises the possibility to develop diabetes type 2 and lung disease too.

2. Mental health reasons

While some people purposefully drink alcohol to feel lighter, it may turn into behaving uncontrollably when the consumed amount reaches a high level. Regular drinking disturbs brain functions and the ability to concentrate.

Some other people also avoid alcohol for different purposes, such as spiritual reason or performing meditation on daily basis. The majority of religious paths are not encouraging extreme use of alcohol, even may forbid it entirely. Meditation, it is an activity that requires high concentration so cutting down drinking is a part of it.

3. Social reasons

One of the most common reasons why people consume alcohol is to become more outgoing during social events. While it’s indeed true that drinking can reduce nervousness and self-consciousness, it also has a darker side. 

Drinking too many glasses of alcohol may turn someone into overly argumentative instead of sufficiently talkative. It opens a bigger possibility of saying things or making behaviors that may be regrettable later. If you, in particular, pose a tendency to acts inappropriately or speak in a hurtful manner when being under influence, it’d be wise to avoid excessive drinking.

Alcohol consumption, especially when becoming way too much, is generally looked down upon by society. The habit is associated with so many negative effects which become more known, thus is avoided actively by more and more people. 

There is nothing wrong with occasional drinking with a reasonable amount of consumption to enjoy, as it carries minimal risk and no real harm. However, if you have noticed how your drinking habit has become out of proportion and you start to feel its negative effects, then maybe it is time to cut it back. You may consider reasons to quit drinking alcohol above to see if you will benefit from reducing alcohol more than if you want to. It’s also important to consider if the risk it carries is worth the drink.

3 Strong Reasons Quit Drinking Alcohol