Things You Can Do When You Are Trying to Stop Drinking

If you are trying to stop drinking then there are five specific things you can do to help discontinue your bad habit. The first of these is to set up your goals.

Things You Can Do When You Are Trying to Stop Drinking

1 - Make a list of your personal reasons for lowering your drinking intake. List the improvements that can be made in your health, appearance, and image if you decrease your amount of binge drinking. Use your thoughts as a guide to setting the appropriate goals for you.

2 - Make sure you know why you are stopping drinking whether it is to stay away from drinking events, participating in controlled drinking, or completely quit all drinking. Your reasons won’t be successful unless you make sure they are entirely your own and nobody else.

In order to stop drinking you need to have adequate support. Since drinking is mostly associated with social events and mainly during the holidays it is important that your friends and family realize the new rules you have regarding your personal drinking habits.

This way your family and friends can help by reducing the number of temptations you may face at parties or get-togethers. Make sure you choose a close buddy who understands your reasons to stop drinking and supports your commitment so they can help you and make it easier for you to stop drinking.

3 - A third step to do is to take a break from drinking. At least one day a week you should try drinking no alcohol at all. After you can successfully handle this one day a week then start setting aside two days.

Gradually increase the number of days. This way you can break your large goal into smaller goals that are easier to achieve. Before you know it you will be able to stick to your larger goal of discontinuing drinking altogether.

4 - The fourth thing to do is avoid temptations. Determine when you are most likely to drink and then make up a plan to avoid them. When at home or at parties you should find a substitute drink instead of alcohol to stick with your plan. 

5 - The final thing to never give up. Stop drinking is not an easy thing to do and nobody is going to tell you it's easy. Throughout your endeavor always keep in mind what your goals are and the reasons you have to stop drinking.

If you have a relapse and drink too much one night out, then don’t stop trying to reach your goal. Make sure you start your plan the next day and increase your determination to reach your ultimate goal of stopping all drinking.

If you want to control your drinking habits then you will succeed, you just have to put your whole determination into it and you will achieve what you want even if it is to stop drinking completely.

So design a plan today and you will see benefits for the rest of your life.

Things You Can Do When You Are Trying to Stop Drinking