How to Quit Drinking Alcohol : Evaluating your Condition

How to Quit Drinking Alcohol

The real problem with alcoholism is that it affects not only the alcoholic but also entire families, as well as one's circle of friends and acquaintances. Besides this, alcoholism can be very degrading and can lead to all sorts of humiliations. It can also lead to an eventual drop in income and loss of employment. As such, alcoholism causes a definite danger to one’s health and to the quality of one's life.

The first step to learning how to quit drinking alcohol is simply evaluating the situation. Evaluation can be very important because it's impossible to institute change without first understanding that change might in fact be necessary. So long as you think of alcohol as something that is necessary and perhaps even important in your life, you've very little chance of ever quitting drinking or ever reducing your dependency on alcohol. Therefore, understanding that there are other things in life besides your dependency on alcohol and that reducing your dependency on alcohol will lead to a better and fuller existence is important to actually defeating alcoholism.

Remember that the alcoholic mind can experience a large amount of denial. It's not uncommon for an alcoholic to deny that they have a problem. When in denial you may feel you are not causing damage to other people's lives. You also may believe that the situation is normal, when in reality it may be anything but normal. Now, the first thing you need to do while evaluating your problem or evaluating whether you have a problem in the first place is to write down all the positive and negative aspects of your drinking.

Yes, that's what I said. I said the positive and negative aspects of your drinking. Obviously, there are aspects to your drinking that you feel are positive, or you wouldn't be drinking in the first place. So you need to write down these aspects. Write down a table of the positive aspects. I feel your table would look something like this:

Positive aspects of drinking:

  1. It helps me to relax and unwind. So alcohol helps you to reduce stress.
  2. It helps me to forget about issues in my life.
  3. Drinking with my friends is fun.

Now you see, put in this way, drinking appears perfectly acceptable. Now you're to write down the negative aspects of drinking in your life:

  1. It induces me to avoid issues in my life. Alcohol may help you to forget about your problems, but forgetting your problems is hardly the route to solving them, and not solving the problems in your life ensures that you continue in a cycle of drinking and alcohol dependency.
  2. Alcohol affects my performance at work and interferes with family responsibilities.
  3. Alcohol causes problems for the people in my life.
  4. Alcohol damages my self-image, and I find that I can't respect myself when I looked at myself in the mirror in the morning.

Now, everyone's issues are different, and everyone's list of positive and negative aspects will, of course, be different, but writing them down in black and white in this way and then comparing them is the first step to stopping drinking because you'll find when you do this that the negative far outweighs the positive.

How to Quit Drinking Alcohol : Evaluating your Condition