Positif Thing Quit Drinking Alcohol

Positif Thing Quit Drinking Alcohol

Why is it that you wish to give up drinking? Most people who have an alcohol issue come to a point where they see that their life with alcohol is not working or it is out of control. Are you there?

Let's look at the top three reasons most drinkers cite as a reason to quit. Maybe you can relate.

Physical Health:

Alcohol can have harmful effects on your body. Chances are you are feeling some of them. The physical effects of alcohol are different for each person. There are some common ones though that many experiences.

Alcohol is a depressant that depresses your central nervous system. Alcohol travels through your stomach when consumed and then goes to your intestine. It is absorbed through your body quickly through your bloodstream. Even small amounts of alcohol can have an adverse effect on your physical health.

The more alcohol you consume, the higher the risk you have for problems. In the beginning, intoxication is seen as the fun part of drinking. That high you felt maybe one of the reasons you drank more and more often. Of course, intoxication can lead to stupor, coma, or death for the problem drinker. It can also lead to health issues like: cardiovascular disease, chronic pancreatitis, alcohol liver disease, cancer, coronary heart disease, hypertension, heart attacks and strokes, gallbladder disease, kidney stones, sexual dysfunction, hormonal in-balance, and diabetes.

Hopefully, you are not dealing with any of these issues. If you are, know that by quitting drinking you are doing a positive thing for your body.

Mental Health:

You know that alcohol affects your mood and it also affects your mind. See if you have experienced any of these effects from drinking: poor judgment, self-pity, stress, anxiety, obsession, moral deterioration, depression, paranoia, loss of will, aggression, poor sleep, uselessness, lack of concentration, loss of control, memory loss, and dementia.

Often people drink to avoid some of the effects that drinking can actually cause like stress, depression, anxiety, and poor sleep. Alcohol tricks the mind into believing that it is helping you cope. Instead, it is just deepening the problems you already had.

The good news is that you have made a brave decision. You are quitting drinking and facing life head-on and sober. You are going to learn how to deal with emotions clear-headed and you are going to avoid the more dangerous mental side effects of memory loss or dementia.


It may be hard to think about what your alcohol problem is doing to the relationships in your life. Often facing this keeps people from quitting drinking. You are going to have to be brave when it comes to this topic. You know that your drinking has kept you from having healthy relationships. You know you may have neglected people in your life or hurt them. Chances are you would have never behaved badly to anyone in your life, but alcohol has a way of bringing out the worst behavior in people.

The good news is that you are leaving alcohol behind. With the new alcohol-free you can make amends. You can rebuild the relationships in your life. The truth is you have been given a gift. You get a chance to wipe the slate clean and start over. The people in your life will get a new and improved you and you will get a chance to make up for past actions and make things better.

Yes, alcohol affected your body, your mind, and your relationships. That was the past. As we said before, we leave the past behind and take the lessons learned into the future. Now is your time.

Positif Thing Quit Drinking Alcohol