Realize How Lucky After Quit Drinking Alcohol

Realize How Lucky After Quit Drinking Alcohol

Now that you have quit drinking you have to ask yourself: Who will the new alcohol-free me be?

Do you realize how lucky you are? Out of a life plagued with alcohol issues, you are getting a second chance. By quitting drinking you get to start over. Now is the time to decide what your life will be like.

When you give up drinking you will have an opportunity to change things in your life. If you have been unemployed because of your alcohol issue, you can search for a new job with a clearer mind. If you have been working, you may realize that you have not been putting in the best effort. Now that you are alcohol-free your performance on the job can improve and perhaps you can be eligible for a raise, a promotion, or a better job altogether. Alcohol was causing you from being and doing your best. Now that obstacle is gone and opportunity takes its place.

When it comes to relationships in your life you have a chance to make up for any past wrongs. You can apologize and build the relationships you want with your family and friends. Now that alcohol is no longer the center of your life, you can make the people you care about that center. Believe me, they will be appreciative.

It may be a struggle at first. Some people will not be forgiving easily. Some may doubt your alcohol-free life - especially if you have tried and failed to stop drinking before. Hang in there. You will show them the new and improved you and they will come around.

When you stop drinking, you will find that you have time on your hands. Time can be an obstacle or a trigger during your recovery. Boredom often leads to drinking. To combat this you need to find healthy ways to fill your time.

If you are trying to get back your health after you have abused your body with alcohol, you can turn to exercise. You could take up walking or running, join a gym, or do any other active thing. You can do yoga to help deal with stress - which you have learned can be a trigger for alcohol. This activity is good for the body and the mind. Meditation and journal keeping also can fill time and help with your mental state

You can also take the opportunity to try new things. You can take cooking classes or art classes. You could take up gardening. You could read the books you have always wanted to read. You can become a volunteer. There really is no limit to what you can do. If it interests you, give it a try. You may find your passion.

You can also spend more time with your family and friends. Try including them in your activities. This will help you with rebuilding relationships and will give you a reason to keep trying and doing new things.

So what is your answer? Who will the new alcohol-free you be? Anyone you want.

Realize How Lucky After Quit Drinking Alcohol