Simple Step to Stop Drinking

Simple Step to Stop Drinking

Like all things in life, stopping drinking requires you to take certain actions, and in the course of this page, we will be discussing what actions will most benefit your efforts to stop drinking. On the last page, we talked about setting goals. This is crucially important, and if you’re a woman, your goal should include not drinking more than one drink a day, and if you’re a man, then you should not take in more than two drinks a day at the maximum.

Now, having set this or any other goal, you need to write this goal down on large pieces of paper and stick them all over the house right where you can see them. Try to place these pieces of paper so that whenever you turn your eyes in a particular direction, you’ve something there that reminds you of your goal to stop drinking or your goal to drink a certain amount over the week and no more. If you cannot place a paper with the message at some point that you regularly see, then place a large arrow over there that points to a piece of paper that has your message on it. This way you give yourself a continuous reminder of your goal for the week.

Another important step is to keep a diary of just how much you drink. You need to enter in this diary each and every drink that you take over the course of a week. The best thing to do is to carry this diary around and to enter the drinks as soon as you’ve them, if possible, or else enter your drinks into the diary the next day. I’ve found that it’s generally best to enter the drinks in as you’ve them. Now, the purpose of this diary is to give you a reality check. You may not be actually aware of how much you’re drinking, but if you keep this diary for about three weeks or so and then add up how much you drink in a week, you might find that the average amount that you drink will surprise you. You may not have even been aware that you were drinking so much, and when you become aware of just how much you’re drinking, this can be a powerful inducement to stop. Now, compare the amount that you drink with your goal and see just how different the reality is from your vision.

A plan of action with which to stop drinkingStep three is to reduce temptation. One important step towards reducing temptation is simply not to keep too much alcohol at home. If you don’t have alcohol immediately to hand, you’ll have much less temptation to drink.

Another step is to have your drink slowly. Don’t down your drink at once, but rather sip it and savor the taste. Enjoy the drink, don’t just down it for the high. Make sure that you have a break of at least an hour before your next drink. This can be very useful when trying to stop drinking. Ensure that you eat some food before a drink - while this can reduce the high, it’s also far healthier for your stomach and reduces damage to your liver. Try to set up breaks from alcohol. On one day a week take a break from alcohol or take a break for one entire week in a month. Just one week, and then you can go back to drinking, but try to get a feel of what it’s like to not drink.

And get the support of your friends and family. Over time, you should also try to get closer to those people who support you and distance yourself from people who tempt you to drink.

These may seem like simple steps, but taken together they form a powerful inducement to stop drinking. 

Simple Step to Stop Drinking