Tips Quit Drinking: Making use of support systems

Tips Quit Drinking: Making use of support systems

Support systems can be very crucial when you're trying to give up drinking or when you're fighting alcoholism. This is because no human being is really an island, and if you try to stop drinking on your own, you may find that it's too difficult for you. Now, making use of support has two aspects to it. You need to ensure that those people who will support you most know about your efforts to quit drinking, and you also need to ensure that people who will affect your efforts negatively are avoided.

This means that you need to take a two-pronged approach. You need to take the support of those who support you and you need to actively avoid those who will not support you or who will actually induce you to continue drinking. You need to be very careful about your friend circle because their pressure can be a powerful inducement to drink. You probably have a set of friends at the moment to whom drinking is an active and important part of their lives. With a set of friends like this, you'll find it almost impossible to stop drinking - therefore a rather difficult, but nevertheless important aspect of quitting drinking is to change your circle of friends.

You need to cut out everyone in your life who encourages you to drink, period. While this may be difficult, it can actually make the process of quitting drinking a hundred times easier than it otherwise would be.

At the same time, you need to reach out for the support of a large number of groups that support people who are trying to quit drinking. Though of course, the most important support of all comes not from any support group, but from your own family and friends.

Your family and friends are an important and invaluable resource when you're trying to quit drinking. Your loved ones care for you and will do their best to help you. It may be that you feel that you've let them down before, but if your determination to quit drinking is strong, then you need to sit down with them and talk calmly about the reasons why you want to quit drinking.

As we saw in the evaluation stage, there are perceived positive and negative aspects to alcohol consumption, and you need to talk about them and to tell them what you get out of alcohol and what alcohol takes away from you, and that you've decided that what alcohol takes away from you in your life is unacceptable and that you've decided to quit alcohol once and for all. And if your determination is strong, this will convince your loved ones and the friends who really care for you to truly help you to defeat your reliance on alcohol.

The support of your family and a new network of friends who encourage sobriety rather than alcoholism will be an invaluable asset in your battle to defeat alcohol consumption.

There are other things that you can do, of course. For example, there are 'sober' living homes that provide a safe environment while you recover from alcohol, and you might consider checking into one of these.

There are also a great many support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous around, and you can use one of these groups to help boost your recovery from alcoholism. Use this three-pronged approach: family, friends, and support groups, and allow them to help you put your alcoholism into the past. 

Tips Quit Drinking: Making use of support systems