Tools to Rely Upon to Stop Drinking Alcohol

Tools to Rely Upon to Stop Drinking Alcohol

As you continue to be an alcoholic free you will begin to increase your bag of tricks that keep you sober. You have been introduced to a few so far. Activities to fill your time and affirmations to help you stay on track and be positive about your new life are two. Your journal, meditation, and support groups are also three major tools at your disposal. Let's look at each one.

Your Journal

You started off using your journal to log the questions and answers that helped you figure out when and why your alcohol issue began and continued. You used it to log your goals for the future and to explore the options you have when it comes to activities for your new alcohol-free life. Now you can use your journal for whatever you need.

Use it to record new affirmations. Use it to express or get out your feelings and frustrations. Use it to log inspirational quotes. Whatever you need to use it for - to help keep you on track - use it. It is your personal tool to record your recovery.


Many people think of meditation as some new-age practice that is not very practical. They would be wrong. Meditation can be a great tool for your recovery. It can be used to help relieve stress when it arises and to relax or unwind each day. Many people who are recovering from an alcohol problem use it to start their day. It serves as a way to prepare and set their mind at ease.

There are several forms of meditation that can be helpful to people. When it comes to quitting drinking, there are two that stand.

The first is guided meditation. This is a meditation that is led by another person. It is a form where you close your eyes and you are led on a visualization journey that is aimed to relax you. It is coupled with measured breathing to calm you. This type of meditation is great to use when you begin or end your day. It helps you relax and put stress in its place. Since stress is a universal trigger for alcohol urges you can see why this practice can be helpful.

Since stress can come up whenever and wherever you may need a go to an on-the-spot form of meditation to calm you and serve as an alternative to alcohol. This form is called mantra meditation. It consists of a word or phrase that you repeat over and over to calm you. You focus on it and slow your breathing and calm your nerves. The next time you are in a stressful situation try mantra meditation to relieve the feeling.

Support Groups

Finally, there is the aid of support groups. There are many to choose from. You can look for them on the internet. They usually are made up of people in various stages of recovery. In the beginning, you may want to search for one that is led by a professional. This may be the one time that you want to be around others with the same problem as you. In this instance, they will be in recovery as well.

Don't forget your biggest support group - your family and friends. They are your best support system. They have a vested interest in helping you keep your promise to stop drinking. Look to them when you need to.

Tools to Rely Upon to Stop Drinking Alcohol