Why did You Start Drinking Alcohol?

Why did You Start Drinking Alcohol

There were probably many reasons. Most people have their first drink in some sort of social setting. Most people take their first drink when they are young. This may have been the case for you. You may have been able to drink casually for quite a while. Then one day something changed.

People with alcohol issues tend to drink every day. The amount they drink usually increases over time. While not all people who have a problem with alcohol fall into the same patterns of behavior these two areas are the most common denominators.

Drinking every day is a result of increasing tolerance to alcohol. It also points to the importance alcohol becomes in the drinker's life. The tolerance to alcohol's effects also points to a reason behind drinking more over the course of time.

These two occurrences might be part of your drinking behavior. Of course, you probably have other patterns. You may drink when you feel stressed. You may drink when you are lonely. You may drink when you are sad. You may drink to get you through the day or help you sleep at night.

Whatever the reason for your drinking or how you started, you are here now wanting to change. That is the most important thing. When and why you started to drink or kept drinking is only important now as a learning tool.

You can learn from your past with alcohol. Whenever you are trying to make a change in your life or behavior it is a good idea to record your thoughts and feelings. A journal, either a physical one or an online one, can help with this process. You can use this tool to record the patterns of behavior that you experienced when you were drinking.

Ask yourself:

  • When did I start drinking?
  • Why did I start drinking?
  • When did I start drinking every day?
  • Why did I start drinking every day?
  • What events or activities brought on by excessive drinking?
  • Are there times when I want a drink more than others?

By asking yourself these questions, answering honestly, and recording both, you can get a clear picture of your alcohol abuse and what obstacles you will need to overcome when you quit drinking.

It may be hard to remember all the reasons behind your drinking and while you explore your past you may recall some unpleasant memories. That's OK though. You can learn from your past. You can change your life. You are doing that now by embarking on a life that is alcohol-free.

Your past may be dark, but your present and future look bright as you take a positive step in the right direction and leave alcohol behind.

Today is your new day. Today is the start of your new life

Why did You Start Drinking Alcohol?