Alcoholics Always Hurt The Ones They Love

Alcoholics Always Hurt The Ones They Love

So now that you know what is happening to your body and your mind, are you more convinced that alcohol is the wrong choice for you? If not, maybe looking at what it is doing to your life will help. When considering your life let's look at two main areas: your family (or relationships) and your work.

You may not have a family of your own, but chances are you come from one. If you are estranged from them, then maybe you have friends that create a substitute family. Either way, you probably have people that are close to you, people that you love and that love you. How is your alcohol issue affecting them? You may be very surprised.

If you have a significant other, then your alcohol abuse is affecting them. Let's be honest, they are suffering. Why is that? Because they love you, but you... well, you love alcohol more. How do you show them that? You neglect them, you are insensitive to their needs and feelings, you may even abuse them (if not physically then mentally).

You choose alcohol over them every day. How do they feel? They feel isolated, they feel depressed, they feel stress for covering for you with family, friends, or at work. Your alcohol abuse is tearing them apart. You may not notice. They may hide it from you, but it is happening. They may be struggling with a decision every day. They may be staying now, but they may be contemplating leaving you. Whatever happens, the scars caused by your alcohol abuse are marking your significant others’ life. Do you not feel sorry for them and yourself?

Do you have children? The effects are much the same. They suffer from the unpredictability of their childhood in turmoil. What happens to the children of an alcoholic parent? Often these children are withdrawn and unable to interact with their peers. They feel guilty because they feel your alcohol problem is their fault. They feel helpless that they can't fix you. They feel neglected and alone. They experience depression and a fear of abandonment. Often they develop addiction issues of their own later in life. You may be passing on your issues with alcohol to them. You are affecting them and making their life harder than it needs to be. Harder than it should be.

Frankly stated, your alcohol abuse affects the ones you love in devastating ways, even your friends feel something. Often they feel helpless because they can't save you and guilty because they may need to walk away. You must learn how to stop drinking!

  • Do you really want to hurt the ones you love?
  • Do you want to end up alone?

Sometimes knowing that alcohol is hurting you is not enough. Knowing that the ones you love are in pain may be the wake-up call you to need.

Hopefully, your alcohol abuse has not cost you your job. It has, I am sure, caused issues with it. Even at the beginning of your alcohol journey, you might have been late or missed work because you were drunk or hungover. You may have offered a poor performance while on the job and missed out on promotions or raises. You may not have the ability to get a good job. You may have financial difficulties. These could increase if you develop health issues because of your alcohol abuse. If you find yourself drinking and driving you may incur legal fees or face probation or jail. Alcohol abuse hits you financially and you may not even realize it.

So, your alcohol abuse hurts the ones you love and it hurts you as well. So why are you continuing on this road of destruction?

Alcoholics Always Hurt The Ones They Love